I'm Günter

- a philosopher in the clouds -

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Most profound wisdom I ever found:
Life's a tax - and then you die;
Either of COVID - or anyway.

My Skills.


Primary Skill: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

This is my foremost skill - no joking! I boast being able to sleep for about twelve hours a day, in contrast to some famous MDs and CEOs, who are believed to sleep for only about four hours a day (due to bad conscience?). This must be a record, short of being in a coma or in hibernation. OK, maybe cats can beat that any day.
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Secondary Skill: Lifelong Learning

Considering the most profound wisdom I ever found, I'm not sure what lifelong learning is really good for. Possibly, it's just a case of you either grow or you die; hence, philosphy as a perpetual quest for wisdom. It's just the only thing I'm passionate about.
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Get In Touch

If you love the quest for wisdom as much as I do

I also love cats, and a hearty Bavarian breakfast (weisswurst and beer!). We could exchange some cutesy cat photos over a Bavarian breakfast. Or even explore secrets on how to brew irresistible craft beers - cheers!🍻

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